Sicilian cooking course

Once you arrive in Sicily you will fall in love with local flavors , why not learn how to reproduce them? You can participate in a Sicilian cooking course with Divino Hotel through a special agreement with the Agriturismo Vultaggio.

The proposals for the cooking lessons are face to face with one of the farm chefs of the farmhouse and you will be able to learn :

  • Cous cous

    You will learn to "nibble" the semolina using traditional tools, cook an excellent fish, meat or vegetable soup and give life to our Cous Traditional cous.
  • Gourmet bread and pizza

    Trapanese bread is envied by all of Italy as it is made with a slow natural leavening which allows the flours to create a crunchy crust with a soft and tasty crumb.
  • Fresh pasta and stuffed pasta

    Learn to cook Busiate and Cassatelle. The Busiate are usually seasoned with the famous pesto alla trapanese, also called “pasta cu l ' agghia ”. While the Cassatelle are stuffed internally with local sheep's milk ricotta.
  • Grandma's preserves and jams

    You will learn how to cook the most famous desserts in the world such as the Sicilian Cannolo. Showing your delicacies to your family or friends will leave them speechless.

These are just some of the recipes you could learn during the cooking class. You will have the Chef who will accompany you in every step facilitating all the procedures, you can ask him any questions and will help you finish the course with new skills in the kitchen.

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