Wine tasting, discover the best wineries in Trapani

If you are in Trapani you cannot miss visiting the magnificent historic cellars of Marsala and Trapani and do a wine tasting.

Among the best we can undoubtedly include Cantine Pellegrino, Cantine Florio, Donna Fugata, Caruso & Maini and many others. We will help you book there tasting of your favorite wine.

In the various wineries you can choose between different routes that include a visit to the cellars or an excellent lunch with tasting.

You will be able to take tours to discover the flavors of Sicily , tasting excellent white wines , red wines and passito wines produced in the cellars accompanied by gastronomic combinations of local production.

You can also decide to have a tasty lunch with tasting, savoring different dishes associated with different wines that go perfectly with the flavors present in the dishes.

Taste all the Marsalas and give your palate an explosion of flavors with Mediterranean notes.

In addition to the goodness of the tastings, it will be a wonderful experience to visit the cellars and understand the creation processes that bring the grapes from the vineyards to the tables of our homes, learning something new and becoming aware of the genuineness of Sicilian products.

Excellent wines are produced in the province of Trapani and among the most famous we have Marsala , Moscato di Pantelleria and Bianco d'Alcamo , the three DOC wines that accompany many other red, white and rosé table wines.

Do not miss these Trapani specialties, book your food and wine tour now.

The DiVino Hotel awaits you!

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